Legacy Template Series

At Pixel Point Creative we believe in leaving a legacy. By definition it is giving a gift at will.  The word legacy also speaks to roots and endurance. As Pixel Point Creative celebrates our third year in business, our passion and dedication to what we do speaks to the legacy we want to leave to our members, clients, and to art programs around the world.


lts_templatesWe are proud to introduce The Legacy Template Series. The Legacy Template Series includes the templates that started our template library. These templates are from our roots and include the following: Adroit, Vigor ,Venture, Rawk and Wieldy. The choices in this series will continue to grow with time. So will the gift the Legacy Template Series will provide to schools and the development of art programs all over the world. This is where you come in.

When you purchase templates from this series a portion of the proceeds will be donated to a school we choose at the end of each fiscal year. These funds will go toward that chosen school's art program. You can follow the progress of the Legacy Template Series on our website.

LTS templates are only $25! Help us leave a legacy and support the arts by buying a legacy template now.