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EA Skate Video Game

According to EA, Skate is the closest thing to skateboarding without actually putting your feet on a board.

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EA Skate 3

Written by Sick Shredder.

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The legend continues with Skate 3, the third in the best-selling Skate series for the PlayStation 3. Hit the ramps of Port Carverton for the ultimate in skateboarding action. Build your team with real-world friends or AI buddies to dominate your competition. Three different modes of play teach rookies tricks quickly, while hard-core players will find plenty of challenges to hone their skills. Control your tricks with the thumbsticks, and grab and release nearby objects with the trigger controls. Get a jump on the action with amazing depth. Changing camera angles help you line up the perfect tricks, and the difficulty modes allow you to move naturally from easy stuff to the most outrageous stunts imaginable.

Join Coach Frank at Skate.School to tackle all-new tricks, and then try them out with special challenges that'll wow the skateboarding world. Skate 3 includes appearances from pros in the sport, like Eric Koston and Jason Lee (who provides the voice of Coach Frank).

Build the skate park of your dreams with the new Skate.Create tool, adding ramps, ledges and rails to test your skills. Keep it private for your friends, or put it online. Speaking of online, the Skate.Reel feature captures each one of your brilliant moves to share and replay later. No one has to take your word for it any longer: with Skate 3 for the PS3, you can show them.

A Brief History of Skateboarding

Written by Sick Shredder.

Skateboarding was first started in the 1950s, when all across California surfers got the idea of trying to surf the streets. No one really knows who made the first board -- instead, it seems that several people came up with similar ideas at the same time. Several people have claimed to have invented the skateboard first, but nothing can be proved, and skateboarding remains a strange spontaneous creation.
These first skateboarders started with wooden boxes or boards with roller skate wheels slapped on the bottom. Like you might imagine, a lot of people got hurt in skateboarding's early years! It was a sport just being born and discovered, so anything went. The boxes turned into planks, and eventually companies were producing decks of pressed layers of wood -- similar to the skateboard decks of today. During this time, skateboarding was seen as something to do for fun after surfing.

In 1963, skateboarding was at a peak of popularity, and companies like Jack's, Hobie and Makaha started holding skateboarding competitions. At this time, skateboarding was mostly either downhill slalom or freestyle. Torger Johnson, Woody Woodward and Danny Berer were some well known skateboarders at this time, but what they did looked almost completely different from what skateboarding looks like today! Their style of skateboarding, called "freestyle", is more like dancing ballet or ice skating with a skateboard.

Then, in 1965, skateboarding's popularity suddenly crashed. Most people assumed that skateboarding was a fad that had died out, like the hoola hoop. Skateboard companies folded, and people who wanted to skate had to make their own skateboards again from scratch.

But people still skated, even though parts were hard to find and boards were home made. Skaters were using clay wheels for their boards, which was extremely dangerous and hard to control. But then in 1972, Frank Nasworthy invented urethane skateboard wheels, which are similar to what most skaters use today. His company was called Cadillac Wheels, and the invention sparked new interest in skateboarding among surfers and other young people.

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