Drag Gallery

What is it?

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Drag Gallery is a slideshow that is draggable and has two views: fullscreen and small carousel. In fullscreen view, a related content area can be viewed. The main idea is to translate the slider on the Z axis, allowing it to be either fullscreen or of a smaller carousel size. By switching the actual size of the slideshow and removing the transforms when they are not needed anymore, we allow the slideshow to have a "real" size (i.e. 25% of the window). For the content part, we slide everything up and reveal a scrollable area.

This commercial extension is included with Chopper. You can single purchase HERE

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PLEASE NOTE: In order for this module to display properly, it needs to be published to a position that has full width. Many templates have these types of positions built in. 99.9% of templates have a "debug" position and this almost always has no styling and is full width. This is a great option for a position to publish this module.

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  1. Content from Joomla, K2 and Zoo
  2. Responsive
  3. Cookie Setting
    • When user clicks the close button, cookie is set and it will not reload the slider unless user clicks open button.
  4. Open/Close Button with editable tooltip
  5. Additional Content Area
  6. Touch/Swipe compatible
  7. Default state open or closed