Swift Slides

swiftslideslogoSwift Slides is a simple Joomla content plugin to render an accordion of slides like seen on this page.

You can set the parameters of the slides in the plugin parameters. Then you only need to enter this simple code in an article to render the slides.


You can also enter extended syntax like seen below to override the plugins default parameters and allow you to style Swift Slide sets differently. The below syntax is shown with all available parameters used.

{swift max=600 item_width=114 item_height=510 defaultSlide=1 isVertical=0 sticky=1 spacing=3 orderby=0 sort=0 duration=400 event=mouseover}images/bands/big{/swift}

This code is the exact code used to render the slides above.

{swift max=600 item_width=114 item_height=510 event=mouseover}images/bands/big{/swift}


This code is the exact code used to render the slides above.

{swift max=400 item_width=95 item_height=277 spacing=10 sticky=1 defaultSlide=0 }images/steampunk{/swift}

This plugin is FREE. Get it HERE.

Here is a list of all available parameters and their values.

Parameter Description Options
max The width or height (in pixels) of a fully expanded slide. If isVertical is true, then max refers to the height - otherwise it is the width. numerical
item_width Width for each slide when closed. This number times the total slides will dictate the area the slides cover. IE. 5 slides at 100 will make the total width of the slide show 500 pixels. numerical
item_height Height for each slide. numerical
defaultSlide The initially expanded slide (if and only if sticky is true). Note: Zero based, left-to-right (or top-to-bottom). Zero based.  |  0 = Slide 1.  1 = Slide 2. etc.
isVertical Slides will align vertically if true. 1 = yes  |   0 = no
sticky One slide will always be expanded if true. 1 = yes  |   0 = no
spacing The width (in pixels) separating each slide. numerical
event The event that triggers the expand effect. mouseover  |  click  |  dblclick
duration The number of milliseconds required for each animation to complete. numerical
orderby How the slides are ordered. 1 = Date Modified  |   0 = Name
sort How to sort the slides. 1 = Ascending  |   2 = Decending  |  0 = Random

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