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Combo Menu

Combo Menu is a 3 level jquery menu that uses a pop up menu image to add impact and dynamic style to your site. You can customize the color of each level of the menu. It has an additional plugin to allow you to add a subtext to each menu item as well.  See the parameters below.


Q: How do I add my image to a menu item?

A: For this module we used the built in Joomla menu image to work with the module. To add your image, you must edit the menu item in the menu manager. Select "Link Type Options" from the parameters section. Here you can choose and upload your menu image. See image below for visual example.

How do I add my subtext to a menu item?

A: The subtext plugin is installed and enabled at the same time you installed the module. You will see a new parameter in the parameters section of the menu item you are editing. It is called "Combo Menu Subtext". Simply add your text here and it will now appear on the frontend below your menu item. See image below for visual example.


Module Params
combo params

Subtext Plugin and Menu Images
combo plg_param


Mobile Menu

Combo menu uses CSS media queries to switch to a Bootstrap menu on mobile devices with a resolution of 800px or less. It also removes the images. Here is a screenshot of how it looks and works on mobile.