Background Gallery Pro

Written by Pixel Point Creative.

Background Gallery Pro is a Joomla module based on the fabulous Supersized jQuery plugin. Supersized is a full screen background slideshow with lots of options. We have already created a simple Background Gallery Plugin using the JB Gallery jQuery plugin. Although this plugin is nice, it lacked many features. Many of these features were requested by our members and we decided it was time for something better. With that we introduce a brand new Background Gallery Pro module. It will give your Joomla site a lot of appeal and give your users an amazing experience.

This module comes FREE with your purchase of Focus!


Q: Can I see other examples of features?

A: Sure. We set up a few different galleries on this site for you to demo.

Click on a link below.

DEMO 1: Transition:Slide Left | Only Arrows

DEMO 2: Transition Carousel Right | No Thumbs, No Links, No Numbers


Q: How do I set up an image description and link?

A: In the image info box, you must enter the name of your image followed by some other variables. See the image below. You can also see the exact setup used on this demo in the parameters below. Each images info should be seperated by a return.

If you want your link to open in the same window, you can just leave the target off, like this:

lido.jpg;This is my caption.;

image info bg pro


Q: What are the parmeters for this Module?

A: You can see the parmeters below:

bg params

View the Changelog

 ***Flickr integration was removed starting in version 1.3.

To learn more about the Supersized project and how you can help suport it, please visit their website by clicking on the logo below.