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expand logoIf you have searched images on Google recently, you might have noticed the interesting expanding preview for a larger image when you click on a thumbnail. It's a really nice effect and it is very practical, making a search much easier. That was the inspiration behind Expand Gallery. The idea is to open a preview when clicking on a thumbnail and to show a larger image and some other content like a title, a description and a link. 

Expand Gallery supports the following sources:

joomla logo black       K2 Logo     zoo       icon-phoca-logo        normal folder

Expand Gallery is included with Gambit. You can purchase it separately HERE


  • Responsive
  • Supports Joomla, K2, Zoo, a folder and Phoca Gallery
  • Customizable fill and title colors
  • Show/Hide Only Featured Items
  • Sort by Title, Order, Random, Most Viewed, Recently Added, Recently Modified
  • Trim Title Length
  • Custom Read More Text
  • Image Re-sizing Modes - Fill, Fit, Center, Stretch, None

View an example below

Expand Gallery Demo

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