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G.E.'s Costly Locomotive Gamble

train2ERIE, Pa.— THE General Electric Company and the General Motors Corporation routinely racked up big profits from their locomotive divisions during the late 1970's. But G. E., which straggled with 25 percent of the domestic market, wanted more.

''We were second in the industry because there were two of us. That didn't fit Jack Welch's definition of second,'' said Carl J. Schlemmer, who has run the G. E. unit that produces locomotives since 1974. John E. ''Jack'' Welch Jr. is the chairman of G. E., a man known for insisting that G. E. rank first or second in all its core businesses.

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Volkswagen Beetle Fender Edition


Fender and Volkswagen unveiled their production-model Beetle Fender Edition vehicle at the 2012 Auto Mobil International automotive trade fair in Leipzig, Germany, on June 1.

For the Beetle Fender Edition, Volkswagen's renowned coupe is fitted with the award winning, high-performance Fender Premium Audio System. Further, the car prominently displays key Fender attributes, with features including a distinctive "sunburst" dashboard that evokes the quintessential Fender instrument finish, leather details and floor mats with color-contrasting seam work that complement the dashboard design, and chrome Fender logo side-panel badges.

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Through the Google Lens

phone-Welcome to this week's search trends. May I take your order?

-Can I have a referendum on independence, a totally inappropriate flight passenger with a Hollywood baby on the side?
-Coming right up!

Flag and country
"They may take away our lives, but they'll never take our freedom!" That was Sir William Wallace battlecry for Scottish independence in the film Braveheart. While this week's events in Scotland weren't quite as cinematic, the results could have been revolutionary. On Thursday the world watched and searched as an unprecedented numbers of Scots went to the polls to answer the question, "Should Scotland be independent from the United Kingdom?" Turns out the majority of people don't think it should, and voted to stay a member of the U.K. Party leaders have now promised significant constitutional changes for the entire kingdom. What would Wallace have made of that?

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