Rapid Content

Rapid Content is a responsive Joomla module to display content from K2 or Joomla in an organized way. It displays intro text, a title and an image from the content item as well as a having right hand navigation to view each item. For K2, it draws its image from the image tab. For Joomla, it picks up the first image in the content to display. You can then set the image sizing mode in the mod parameters to control how the image is re-sized. You can customize many parameters including colors and text length as well as disabling display of certain elements. You can see it in action above and view the parameters below.

Sticky Menu

Sticky menu is a built in template parameter to keep the menu always visible as you scroll down the page. This feature is automatically disabled for any resolution below 768px. We did this because "position:fixed" in mobile is not consistent. Because of the wonderful profile feature in the Warp Framework, you can enable certain parameters for certain pages.

We created a new profile for Sticky Menu and enabled it only for this page.

Font Options

This template comes packed with several font options for you to use. Seperate fonts can be applied to the body, header and menu so you can get the exact look you desire. Below is a screen shot of the fonts available.

Warp Framework

A template framework is basically an empty canvas, or base for designing your own theme. Frameworks install just like normal Joomla templates, and contain all of the features you need: dynamic module positions, menu styles, template parameters..etc. You just need to add the visual design, which, in some frameworks can be done from inside the template control panel itself. With just a basic knowledge of CSS, you can easily style these template frameworks to fit your needs.

Module Styles and Positions

This theme comes with different module styles, badges, header backgrounds and icons. For each module you can pick a style and combine it with an icon, header background and/or badge to create your own unique look.


You can create some beautiful content by using some simple HTML elements. The Warp theme framework offers some neat styles for all HTML elements and a great set of CSS classes to style your content. Basic HTML is very easy to learn and this small guide shows you how to use all styles provided by the Warp framework.

PSD Source Files


The sliced and layered Photoshop CS3+ source file(s) which we used to create this template are included in the download package.


This makes it easy to create your own graphics.

Point. Click. GO!

Each of our demo sites have been customized to show off the possibilites of the template. This template features the Point. Click. GO! custom Joomla install option. You can instantly create a Joomla site complete with custom content that is an exact clone of our demo site, all with just a few clicks.