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Simple Spotlight Pro

ss pro logoWhat is it?

Simple Spotlight Pro is a responsive, touch enabled jQuery image slideshow with captions. You can have up to 20 images with links. You can turn off the navigation and choose between several effects for transition. It also has 5 button styles and a shadow effect. Our original Simple Spotlight module has been downloaded over 100,000 times! After the huge success of our Simple Spotlight module, we decided to make another version using the new Cycle2 plugin (Cycle1 was used on Simple Spotlight). We owe a huge thanks to Mike Alsup for creating this great plugin. See more about the project here:

This commercial extension is included with Props. You can single purchase HERE

 Main Features

  • Responsive
  • Support for swipe gesture on mobile devices
  • Multiple, Customizable Effects
    • Shuffle
    • Carousel (you choose amount of thumbs)
    • Fade
    • Flip Vertical
    • Flip Horizontal
    • TIle Blind (you choose amount of slices)
    • Tile Slide (you choose amount of slices)
    • Fadeout
    • Sroll Horizontal
    • Scroll Vertical
  • 5 Button Styles
  • Randomize Images
  • Configurable Shadow
  • Supports all browsers
  • Multiple Mods Per Page

ss pro params

You can see several demos below.

Tile Slide Horizontal - 12 tiles

Tile Blind Verical - 8 tiles


Flip Vertical

Flip Horizontal


I am the image description