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Focus Gallery

Focus Gallery is a responsive Joomla module to display images in a nice image wall. Creating a truly responsive image gallery can be a very tricky and difficult thing. There are so many factors to consider like the layout and the features, and so many choices to make when it comes to delivering a good viewing experience for every device. Focus Gallery was built using a variety of scripts and tools. It is an attempt to create an image gallery that uses a similar responsive images approach to the proposed picture element. Focused on providing suitable image sizes for both, the fluid grid thumbnails and the full image view, the selection of images also depends on container dimensions and not solely on the window size. In some cases it might even be reasonable to load larger thumbnails for a smaller device if we, for example want to show less columns in a grid. So, smaller windows don't necessarily mean smaller thumbnails.


Focus Gallery uses David DeSandro’s Masonry in a fluid mode where column numbers are defined depending on the grid container sizes. Inspired by Picturefill from Scott Jehl, the responsive images approach that mimics the picture element.

This commercial module is included FREE with Prosper. You can also purchase separately here.


Q: Can I use more than 1 module per page?

A: Yes. You can use mulitple galleries per page.

Q: Can I see more examples?

A: Sure. Just scroll down on this page.

Q: How do I name my images for the titles?

A:  Name them like this: Cool Retro Skateboard.jpg  not  cool_retro_skateboard.jpg

Q: Where do the images come from?

A:  Images are loaded from a folder. You just upload your images using the media manager or other Joomla tool. Then in the module paramters, you specify the path to the folder. ie. images/gallery/flowers

Module Parameters

focus gall-Specs


Focus Gallery with Image Titles

This module uses the name of the image for the description, so you just need to name your images accordingly. For example:

Name it like this:

Cool Retro Skateboard.jpg  




Focus Gallery with More Columns

Focus Gallery with Titles

All images and content are used for demonstration purposes only and are copyrighted by their respective owners.