“Change is not only inevitable, but always happening. When you truly embrace this concept of change being constant, the only thing left to do is grow, detach, venture inwards, touch the spirit and find your source — the one responsible for keeping you grounded through the ever-changing seasons of life.”

~Julie Weiland

Instaviewer Slider - A versatile Instagram module with video

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instaviewer logoWhat is it?

Instaviewer is a responsive Joomla module that displays photos and video from Instagram.

This module is FREE with your purchase of Drishti. Purchase seperately HERE

  • Responsive 
  • Show images and video
  • No access token needed
  • Plug and Play
  • Adjust every color
  • Multiple Sources
  • Multiple Languages



Instaviewer Grid in classic #fit

Instaviewer Grid - using #yogalife